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unrwa - united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees in the near east.


unicef - united nations international children’s emergency fund.

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Writing to Your Elected Representative

aclu tips on writing to your elected representative (american civil liberties union).

uk members of parliament email addresses.

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Government Regulators Advertisers Standards Association Independent Press Standards Organisation Office of theTelecoms Regulator. Was quite good some time ago. When it comes

to censorship it now applies different criteria to left leaning media organisations than to right leaning mainstream

broadcasters like the BBC.


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Railway train info for most of europe

The following via you tube:

The sad tale of Horseradish the bottom-of-the-garden fairy

The Terror of Count Covid (a HH&WLR film for Covid Reflections)

Silliness on the HH&WLR

More silliness on the HH&WLR

The Haddocks Hill Mysteries What stopped Idris; Part 1

The Haddocks Hill Mysteries What stopped Idris; Part 2

A moment in the Life of the HH&WLR - 16mm Steam railway - YouTube





Passed On


Political Active peace group with media analysis Campaign against the arms trade peace group quaker peace organisation


Environmental International

Not sure anymore: most environmental groups seem to have sold out

jumped on popular bandwagons, appointed well paid executives and

become self-serving fund raising machines.


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Newspapers/WebNews Sites

Each country has its own prejudices and biases, especially in their newspapers and tv, so now the internet is here why not read the story from different countries around the world and draw your own conclusions on what happened: (north america) (north america) (nothern europe) (persian gulf) (singapore) (middle east) (southern europe) (persian gulf) (india) (ireland/eire) iran state tv banned in our freedom loving europe chinese state tv banned by the uk


The Press Agencies: Associated Press Associated Press Agence France-Presse Reporters sans frontieres / Reporters Without Borders


1. General note: YouTube is a good place for talented film makers to show their wares, in the interests of data protection I feel duty bound to mention that as a free service provider YouTube tracks your usage info in a similar way that Google does. I'm sure its in their terms and conditions. The subject is also discussed here.



Unbalanced News / Propaganda

Most TV main news programmes are biased, warmongers.

In my view in the last 20 years or more the BBC and CNN have actively promoted western interest wars such as Kuwait/Iraq I and II, Libya etc. Their coverage can rarely be described as balanced and impartial. Sadly even in Germany ARD comes out pretty well in favour of the Libyan war. Austrias ORF seems a lot better.

The 2011 Libyan war really takes the biscuit in terms of propaganda in favour of Nato intervention to promote a return to European colonialism. Of the 28 nations of Nato not one objected to the war. Once a war has secured government approval and the troops are there in battle, occasionally the BBC or CNN show some humanitarian articles of people being blown to bits but not too much.

But don't take my word for it, do some media studies yourself. Take 10 column inches (25cm) from an internet lead article. Analyse each sentence, is each sentence, pro-war, anti-war, pro side-A, pro side-B, left wing, right wing, portraying a particular religion in a positive light or a negative light? Is each sentence editors/owners opinion? Are factual statements verified by more than one source? How many times are unverified reports run as news?

For tv do the same for 10 minutes broadcast with the aid of a video recorder. Analyse each sentence as above. Are the pictures shown unneccesarily emotive? Do the pictures correspond to the spoken sentence. Are the images opinion forming. Does the footage of crowds of protestors actually show more than 20 people? How much priority (ranking - 1st story, 2nd story, 3rd etc) has a particular news article got. How many minutes of valuable airtime has the news article had? Is it repeating/reinforcing a subject from yesterday? Is the item really relevent to everyones daily life? Has the news broadcaster attempted to balance the information shown with that of the opposite view? Was the source for any numbers or statistics given, were they guesses?

At the end of your analysis total up the number of sentences for or against a war and there you have a statistical analysis of your news provider.


Heres a handy translator:

No-fly zone - War of aerial bombardment.

Protecting civilians - bombing anything that moves.

Shock and Awe - Blitzkrieg .

(for some reason the americans have an aversion to using the original german word).

No alternative - a very poor option.

Liberation - occupation.

Installing Democracy - installing pro-western puppet governments.

Diplomatic Isolation - siege and starvation of a poorer country.

Advance intelligence methods - torture.

Rendition - kidnapping of a suspect without due respect of local laws but with tacit

approval of important government figures.

Dial-a-Death Drone Attack - summary ex-judicial killing and invasion of foreign airspace (quite often homes in on suspects mobile phone).